Birmingham BIO-Laboratory

Birmingham BIO-Laboratory researches the natural decomposition speed of the plastic is expedited through the bacteria.

We are focusing on new topics in the current field and are operating the institute with funding from the government and various organizations.


Research project & Blockchain technology

Ongoing Research Project

Plastic decomposition speed

We are currently researching on bacteria to promote the natural degradation rate of plastics.
We have derived the results of the research that tactiles the decomposition rate of plastic about 6 times.

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Blockchain technology

What is the our blockcahin?

  • Our research institute has issued coins that can be invested in us through blockchain technology, and this blockchain technology is also related to the incineration cost of landfill.

  • The most unconventional benefit is that the coins we issue can be exchanged for stocks that will be listed on the stock market in the future.

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Supplying Token & Listed Exchange

  • Circulation Supply​ - 25,000,000​

  • Marketing Supply​ - 5,000,000

  • Foundation Supply - ​20,000,000

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Laboratory Location

Centenary Square, Broad St, Birmingham B2 England

Director of laboratory Erick David

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